Turn Your Invoices into Instant Capital

HBCS’ Invoice Purchasing Program optimizes cash flow for small to mid-market businesses so you can do today, what you were planning for tomorrow.

HBCS’ Invoice Purchasing Program delivers financial flexibility that helps you manage business cash flow to maximize your growth.

Designed for businesses with commercial (business to business) goods and services receivables, HBCS’ Invoice Purchasing Program provides a scalable and flexible alternative to a conventional line of credit, allowing you to convert your receivables into operating capital.

“$450,000 in Accounts Receivables, payable in 45 days, doesn’t help me when I need to make payroll tomorrow.”

How does HBCS’ Invoice Purchasing Program Benefit You?

You have invoices, we have capital. HBCS’ Invoice Purchasing Program pays you on your outstanding invoices, reducing your outstanding A/R, and enabling you to make business growth decisions on your schedule. Once enrolled in the Program, you decide how much to use and when.

  • Allows you to convert receivables into cash
  • Meet Payroll regardless of your customer‘s credit terms
  • Access a scalable & flexible financial solution that grows as fast as your A/R
  • Achieve better discounts with your suppliers (through early payments & pre-payment discounts)
  • Access growth opportunities without diluting your business equity

Don’t wait on your customers. With HBCS’ Invoice Purchasing Program, you can manage you cash flow to best meet your business objectives.

This Program benefits Businesses who:

  • Are providing professional services such as staffing, consulting, janitorial, etc.
  • Are in a high-growth or early stage of their business
  • Have insufficient credit lines
  • Are operating in an industry undergoing rapid changes or a downturn
  • Have a high account debtor concentration
  • Might not qualify for traditional loan products due to their financials

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